April 12, 2021

Polar Ship Janssonius Being Built

Oceanwide Expeditions has ordered a new built Polar ship Janssonius. The new ship will have the same passenger capacity as sister ship Hondius (174), which is nearly identical size and design, and will be a Polar Class 6 ice-strengthened vessel equivalent

Surpassing the requirements of the Polar Code adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), M/v Janssonius represents the most flexible, advanced, innovative touring vessel in the polar regions, thoroughly optimized for exploratory voyages that provide passengers with the utmost first-hand contact with the Arctic and Antarctica.

Polar ship Janssonius´ completion is scheduled for 2021 and from November 2021, the new vessel will be cruising the crystalline waters of the polar regions, delivering dozens of wildlife-loving and adventure-seeking passengers to the most iconic locations in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Not only will the numerous amenities and on-board entertainments help make passengers’ Janssonius voyage truly memorable, but this ship also gives them the peace of mind that comes with choosing one of the most environmentally friendly vessel on the polar seas. Janssonius uses LED lighting, steam heating, bio-degradable paints and lubricants, and state-of-the-art power management systems that keep fuel consumption and CO2 levels minimal. This means that when people sail aboard Janssonius, they get to enjoy the exotic landscapes and wildlife as much as possible while impacting them as little as possible.

Janssonius offers high-quality accommodation for 170 passengers in six grand suites with balconies, eight junior suites, eight superior cabins, 11 twin deluxe cabins, 14 twin window cabins as well as 27 twin porthole cabins, two triple porthole cabins, and four quadruple porthole cabins that vary in size from 12 to 18 square meters, or 129 to 194 square feet. The passenger capacity certificate for Janssonius is 196 persons. One deck consists of a large observation lounge and separate lecture room, which are reserved for a wide variety of interactive workshops, exhibitions, and performances particular to Janssonius. Though elegantly designed in stylish mid-century modern décor, this vessel holds true to Oceanwide’s distinctive cosy and informal atmosphere.

Oceanwide Expeditions top priority is taking advantage of every wildlife and terrain opportunity as it occurs. To keep their itineraries flexible and their response time rapid, polar ship Janssonius is equipped with advanced stabilizers and two main engines capable of powering the vessel up to 15 knots. But Janssonius sacrifices no warmth to achieve its keen polar edge: the ship boasts 72 crew and staff members (including expedition and hotel staff, ensuring that what little time passengers do spend on the ship they will be comfortably entertained.

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