April 12, 2021

Glacier Express Passengers Surge

Glacier Express passengers surge in 2019 making it a fantastic year for the – the “slowest express train in the world”.

That means Switzerland’s Glacier Express carried the second-highest number of passengers in its history.

 Shaped by the successful launch of the Excellence Class  2019 was an extremely successful year for the Glacier Express.

It’s no surprise to me to learn of the Glacier Express passengers surge as it is one of the best train journeys you can do anywhere in Europe or the world.

The launch of the Excellence Class was a very special milestone last year, attracting great attention worldwide. The new premium class, including an exclusive atmosphere, guaranteed window seat, concierge service, gourmet menus and on-board entertainment, has set new standards in railway travel. I was fortunate to travel in the new Excellence Class and it was a superb service and luxurious way to travel.

Digital marketing and online sales represent key components of the business model

Nowadays, more and more passengers and tour operators are putting trips together themselves with the aid of the Internet and booking online. Glacier Express AG has picked up on this trend and extended its digital marketing activities. Another central element was the creation of the online shop, which is easy and intuitive to use. This has meant a further increase in bookings via glacierexpress.ch and also opens up new possibilities for both the Glacier Express and local suppliers.

2020: Glacier Express to celebrate its 90th anniversary with further product innovations

On 25 June, it will be 90 years since the Glacier Express made its maiden voyage from Zermatt to St. Moritz. A good reason to celebrate and, at the same time, an incentive to further modernise and expand the product. At the end of 2019, work started on converting the interiors of both 1st and 2nd class to resemble the Excellence Class both visually and in terms of the technical standard. By the anniversary in the middle of the year, a large proportion of the refurbished coaches will already be in use in both classes. The reservations which have already been made for 2020 also mean the outlook is optimistic. At the same time, the volatile tourism sector remains exposed to various risks such as the current coronavirus, the effects of which are difficult to estimate.

Do yourself a favour and join the Glacier Express passengers surge, you won’t regret your decision to ride on such a magnificent railway.

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