Queen Mary 2 has entertainment for the mind

There are a few cruise ships these days going overboard (pardon the pun!) to provide as much entertainment as possible.  From climbing walls to aquatic high diving shows to lavish spectaculars and cartoon characters come to life, the cruise ships are attempting anything at all to attract passengers.

Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 is also in the hunt for those elusive passengers, but being less tacky than some of those ships which use Fort Lauderdale as a base, the marketers at Cunard have initiated entertainment that is more cultured than crass.

On board is the Illuminations Theatre, which is also called the Planetarium.  Here, you can lie back into a reclining seat and gaze up onto a large screen onto which is projected the heavens no less; the universe for you to enjoy.

Cunard has also announced they are introducing a 3D cinema.  Instead of Tron Legacy, Queen Mary 2 will be showing the opera Carmen as produced by London’s Royal Opera House. Carmen in 3D is said to be a dazzling film that is filled with an outstanding score by composer Georges Bizet and considered to be one of the best operas ever written.  It is performed by a world-class cast and comes complete with English subtitles.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a songwriter, then here’s your chance.  Cunard has hired professional songwriter and music producer Chris Difford, formerly of the 1970’s British new wave band Squeeze, to conduct songwriting workshops with four other professional songwriters as part of the Professional Insights series. With Difford’s songwriting program, guests will collaborate in small groups with guitarists, pianists, singers and bass players from Queen Mary 2’s orchestra. The best songwriters will then have the opportunity to record their songs in a studio on board and can take the final recording home.    

Through its association with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, actors from that company will conduct acting workshops and perform shows in the Royal Court Theatre.

These actors will also participate in poetry readings, combining the spoken word with jazz.  Called Passion and Piano, the actors will read passionate poetry and prose accompanied by the piano, and will also read chosen pieces and take requests from the audience.

Which would probably be enough to send me out in search of the nearest climbing wall.

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