A Burgeoning Trend – Visiting Hollywood Film Locations

An abiding interest in popular movies has created a trend for which fans of Hollywood movies visit the locations in which particular movies were filmed and one new craze is for fanatics of best-seller-novels-turned-to-Hollywood-movies takes the simple structure of visiting popular locations to a whole new level.

Not only will fans of popular filmed novels have the chance to see and explore the location where the movie was shot but they will also have the opportunity to re-live the film’s plot and to feel the spirit of their heroes through carefully planned itineraries.

One example is The Hunger Games Fan Tours which is found in Brevard, North Carolina. Cashing in on the popularity of the books and now the films, they have created a trend they call “fandemonium”.

Simply put, it describes how movie enthusiasts have become “super fans”, the type of people who want to go beyond merely visiting the locations where the movies were filmed, and to really re-create the characters’ experiences. To leap right into the mood, zip-lining through the Pisgah National Forest is one of the activities that can jump start their Hunger Games adventure.

In order to facilitate an increase in movie-related travel, the North Carolina State Tourism Division has made arrangements for activities to be done in the exact movie locations and settings starting from Charlotte to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Furthermore, keen fans can even take classes in archery, to better let them experience “hunting”. Several other The Hunger Games’ themed survival classes can also be taken as part of the tour, these activities include fire making, camouflage, and building shelter to name a few.

As reflected in the success of both the books and the film, the popularity of the tour has significantly risen with online information about the tour getting a large number of hits.

Another tour aimed at Hollywood aficionados that is doing well is “The Help” Fan. This particular tour has brought thousands of visitors to Greenwood, Mississippi, the small town where the movie was filmed. The irony is that although the fans are drawn to Greenwood in order to see the big houses and neighbourhoods that were featured in the film, it is not the town where the original book was set. The actual setting for the book is Jackson, Mississippi, circa 1963. However, Jackson’s physical setting does not look the same as it did then, but Greenwood does.

However, these tours are popular because of the interest in the Hollywood film, which is all about smoke and mirrors and creating illusions. And it is these illusions that are popular, not the reality of the situations the movies depict.

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