A Good Day in Broome Western Australia

I arrived in Broome early afternoon after a really good Qantas flight from Perth. I’d met a colleague in Perth who was on the same flight. He had a rental car booked for Broome, so offered to give me as lift to where I was staying, and then meet up to explore Broome.

Vince is a celebrity butcher and excellent cook, and he happened to be sitting next to a Broome-based foodie on the plane, who told him which restaurants to visit and which ones to avoid.

I hadn’t been to Broome for several years, and the first thing that I noticed was that he town had got bigger, and there had been a marked improvement in its street-scapes, with a lot of work done to make the streets and the town centre more attractive.

I checked in to Beaches of Broome Backpackers. I was only staying one night, and thought I should experience a backpackers as I hadn’t stayed in one before.

Beaches is very modern, tropical, and very clean. My room was basic, but neat and spotless, and, best of all, comfortable. Beaches is located at Cable Beach, and area that has really been well developed since I was here last.

Vince arrived to pick me up and we headed of to have lunch at the Wharf Restaurant, which is located at Broome’s port. The Wharf is best known for its seafood, so we decided to try some local specialities: Barramundi Wings and Chilli Mud Crab. The wings were deep fries and accompanied by a sweet Asian sauce. They were crispy, meaty, flavoursome and simply delicious. Next course was the Chilli Mud Crab, which was served with rice, delicious crusty bread, a huge bowl of water for washing hands in, and a range of utensils for breaking, crunching crab shell and retrieving the delicious flesh from within.

With this particular dish you need to get messy as it’s a hands in job, as fingers are the best utensils for retrieving every morsel of delicious crab. The chilli was not overpowering, and the sauce was thick and unctuous.

After our meal we explored Broome township and ended up at Gantheaume Point to watch the sunset disappear behind the Indian Ocean. The vibrant reds of the soil and rock contrasted admirably with the deep aqua colour of the water, and it was a sensational way to end the day.

I have visited Broome many times, and I believe it is getting better with each visit, Where once it was a rough and ready outback town, it now has a casual sophistication that does not at all detract from the unique corrugated iron buildings which determine the town centre.

Broome has always been good, and now it is getting superb.

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