A Website to Help You Caravan Around Australia

Australia is a large country, and most of it is located `out bush’ as we call it. Others may call it the `outback’, but `out bush’ is what Australians say, with many Australians, at one time or another, hitching up their caravan to their vehicle and heading off on a full circle. That is, they intend to circumnavigate Australia by road.

Assuming you keep solely to Highway 1, you would travel a distance of 14,523 kilometres, but nobody keeps solely to Highway 1 as you miss out on a lot of beautiful country, such as Uluru and Alice Springs, most of central Queensland, the Snowy Mountains, and the Golden Outback and Pilbara of Western Australia, not forgetting Tasmania, which does require you putting your vehicle and caravan on the ship which plies Bass Strait. So that when you do Australia properly towing the caravan, you’re going to be doing well in excess of 20,000 kilometres and visit some extraordinary places.

Which is why you may need a bit of help.

A good site for those caravanners who are both planning their big trip around the country, or just a couple of weeks away in a lovely location is caravancaravn.com.au.

This site was started by a mate of mine who has done the trip with his van behind him, and who took plenty of time to do it. He made copious notes about places to stay and places to visit, and decided to share his knowledge with other like-minded people.

Nomads are invited to sign up for free membership of caravancaravan.com.au and to help maintain the site so that it remains both up-to-date and accurate.

That’s the beauty of this website – once a fact about a particular place is verified it gets a green tick, which fades away over time, simple because places change, especially in Australia where bushfires, floods and cyclones can have a huge impact, both good and bad.

To use the site all you do is put in the name of your next destination in the search bar, choose the type of place you are looking for, such as a caravan park, click the search button and it brings up a list of parks in your chosen area. Hover your mouse over a park and it shows you its location on a map and brings up icons which represent all of its facilities.

It’s so simple you don’t even have to be a nerd to use it, and it even if you can’t spell the name of the place, it will show a drop down list with the names of potential places.
A damn good site, and a great place to help you both plan and complete that long awaited trip.

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