April 12, 2021

Who’s Grumpy

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Grumpy’s Getaway Guide has been online for many years and has recently gone through a transformation, because the site crashed and to be re-built from scratch. It is maintained (probably pretty badly given the crash) by Steve `Grumpy’ Collins who is a broadcaster, travel correspondent and comedian who lives in Perth, Western Australia.

So, why is he called `Grumpy’?

 `Grumpy’ is Steve’s radio nickname, so-called because he is actually quite affable and normally the very opposite of being grumpy.  When he appears on radio and TV most people simply refer to him as `Grumpy’. Steve has many travel media commitments and travels quite often in order to be able to present his stories. You can see his other, less quirky, travel website at https://stevecollinstravelcorrespondent.com/.

For many years Grumpy has been presenting his Travel Bug segment on Radio 6PR in Perth, Western Australia.  He also presents travel on the Australian TV show The Couch, which is screened each Sunday night on the national Foxtel network.  He also writes for a number of publications and has written three books about travel.

On Grumpy’s Getaway Guide we look at the lighter side of travel. Grumpy believes that travel should be memorable, interesting, a true adventure and, above all, enjoyable. He not only loves to travel; regularly, but loves to share his adventures as well.

We hope you enjoy the stories, photos, videos and audio on this site. Happy reading!