Adelaide Central Markets

SmellyCheeseThere is a place in Adelaide, South Australia, that is absolutely foodalicious.

I don’t actually think there is such a word as foodalicious, but there should be.

To me foodalicious describes a place a place where the produce is so good it has you salivating so much as you ogle the delicious looking products that you drool so much it’s just like trying to walk on ice as you move about.

In Adelaide, the place that created a sensory overload within me was the Adelaide Central Market.

A local treasure, the markets have been operating since 1869 and today 80 stallholders sell an almost inexhaustible number of goods, most of which tantalise just about every sense.

“Upon entering the market the first thing that you notice is that the produce is very fresh and enticing.” 

Fruit and vegetables are of the highest quality; seafood is sourced from local waters so is both newly-caught and seasonal. The meats look as if they weren’t long ago bounding around some field somewhere.

Of course, many of the meats and seafood products are value added, meaning that you can pick them up after work and they are ready for the pan or oven.  They have been marinated, rolled, stuffed, seasoned, encased in pastry or even skewered making it easy for the purchaser to enjoy a good, quickly-cooked meal.

Other stalls offer smallgoods and speciality products.  There is a mind-boggingly huge choice available here.

I was taken in by the cheese shops, of which there are several.  There are an amazing range of cheeses from right across the world, with products from local cheesemakers also favoured.  You can always try a taste before you purchase, and it can be difficult just to decide with such a large selection of offer.

Then there are the delis which offer their own range of specially-cured hams, marinated olives, fetas that have been prepared in a variety of ways and an almost unbelievable range of dips and spreads.

One of my favourite stalls was the mushroom shop, which had a huge range of fungi on sale, from freshly picked mushrooms to expensive truffles.

“Imagining them to be simply fried in a little butter, I could just see myself sitting down to a feast of gorgeous mushies.”

Given that the markets are catering to serious foodies, it is like walking through an Aladdin’s Cave of deliciousness.  Somewhat overwhelming at first, but once you senses adjust, quite exciting and mouth-watering.

Apparently the markets are the most popular tourist attraction in Adelaide.  If so, the tourists have got it right as the Adelaide Central Markets should be on everyone’s “must see” list.

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