Adventure in the Tasmanian forests

The Australian state of Tasmania contains some remarkably beautiful cold climate forests and to showcase these forests, Forestry Tasmania has developed a range of Adventure Forest tourism sites.

Each of these Adventure Forest sites offers the visitor a different way to enjoy each forest.

For instance, about a 90-minute drive south of Tasmania’s capital Hobart is the Tahune Forest Reserve, where the main feature is the Tahune AirWalk.

This is an experience that you just have to do – providing you have a head for heights. On the Airwalk you journey through the heart of the southern forests on this secure walk which is suspended high above the forest floor and offers a spectacular panoramic outlook of Tasmania’s unique tree species.  The Tahune AirWalk extends for 597 metres, taking you on an amazing tour through the treetops of naturally regenerated forests. Discover the changing scenery of this gorgeous forest through different stages of its lifecycle.

Some of the tree species visible include the tall eucalypts, celery top, King Billy pine, blackwood, sassafras, beech, myrtle, flowering leatherwood and the gigantic Huon pines which date back to over a thousand years. While on the walk, enjoy scenic views of the Hartz Mountains and the Tasmanian World Heritage Area.

The most exciting part of the Tahune AirWalk is towards the end where you will be able to view the confluence of the Picton and Huon Rivers within the surrounding forest. The viewing platform is a cantilever, suspended 48 metres above the ground.

Further north, near Tasmania’s second city, Launceston, is Hollybank Recreation Reserve where there is adventure of a more thrilling kind.    

Here you can Fly the Wire as part of the Hollybank treetops Adventure where you are taken into the forest canopy to glide along a series of cables set among the treetops. Platforms called ‘cloud stations’ have been constructed around trees between each cable span at heights up to 23m above the forest floor.

Participants are fitted with harnesses and led by highly trained guides as they soar through the tree canopy from one cloud station to the next. The cable spans increase from 15m to the thrilling 400m ride over the Pipers River.  The tour combines the tranquillity of the forest with the adrenalin rush of gliding above one of Tasmania’s most incredible natural landscapes.

Even if you are not an adventure junkie, or just want to enjoy the forests without the thrills, there are plenty of easy walks for you to do, plenty of picnic facilities where you can just enjoy the ambience, and visitor centres where you can learn much about the forests and their environment.

If you do want to enjoy the forests from a different perspective then the Tahune AirWalk and Hollybank treetops adventure really bring the forests to life.

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