Adventure Wild for a True Kimberley Experience

The Kimberley region of Western Australia is a truly remote and rugged part of the world; an ancient land that is as tough as could possibly be, and a place to which many people dream of visiting, but who lack the confidence to undertake such a tough, unforgiving journey.

As I write this I am about half way through Adventure Wild’s 12 day tour of the Kimberleys, and I cannot accuse them of having a name which could possibly misrepresent the services they provide.

Adventure Wild is based in Broome, an iconic Kimberley town which exudes true outback charm, but with an intriguing touch of sophistication that is no doubt generated by the wealth that comes from Broome’s pearling operations.

Broome is the perfect place in which to base a Kimberley tour company as it is the Kimberley’s main transport hub, and it possesses to an infrastructure which can easily cope with an influx of tourist.

Day one to the twelve day tour begins sedately enough with a gentle drive to Derby, which is about two hours north of Broome. From here the trip veers off onto the Gibb River Road, which is usually closed during the wet season because of flooding. This section of the Gibb lures you into a false sense of ease as it appears to be tarmac for surprisingly long way. Soon it turns to dirt, and Rory, our driver, pulls off the road to reduce the air pressure in the tyres, to make for a better ride on these roads.

It is this attention to detail, and the fact that the vehicle is constantly checked which helps to make an Adventure Wild tour so successful.

The coach is purpose built for the tough Kimberley terrain, and it pulls a trailer that has been specifically designed to act as a kitchen, refrigeration unit, and all-purpose equipment hub. Rory knows every nook and cranny of the vehicle and its trailer, and everything has a place.

This is a camping tour and everything, except for personal items is supplied. The tents, swags and sleeping bags have been chosen for their suitability for this particular trip. After day one, and the first camp erection and disassembly, which each passenger is expected to assist with, city slickers miraculously become true outback adventurers and the camps become easier and more highly organised as each tour member finds their own particular camp job speciality.

Adventure Wild takes you to places which many tour operators simply ignore. That’s because they know the area intimately, and find exquisite places which require god local knowledge.

The Kimberleys are simply jaw-droppingly beautiful, but many of the gorges and falls are difficult to reach by vehicle and must be approached on foot, sometimes by traversing many kilometres.

More than the professional attitude of Rory and his crew, and their obvious love for the Kimberleys, it is the camaraderie that develops between strangers which really helps to make these tours a rare treat. The cooperation at camp; the shared experience of visiting somewhere special and unique; the sense of adventure and the fun that can be had around a campfire under a true blanket of stars despite the rigours of a hard day’s exploring all gel to make an Adventure Wild tour a memorable and very pleasurable experience.

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  • Suzie

    Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime! I think every Australian, especially us city-slickers, wants to see this other face of our country and be an outback adventurer for a short time. Lucky you!

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