AirAsia Fly Through Flights

94289AirAsiaLow cost airlines normally offer point-to-point fares. That is, you purchase each sector separately, and it is up to you to ensure that if you have a connecting flight that you have given yourself enough time to make the connection, as it is not the airline’s responsibility.

The problem with this system is that if your first flight is either late, or has been cancelled, and you miss your second flight you have done your dough. One other aspect of point-to-point fares is that even if your first flight does arrive on time, you still have to collect your luggage and line up with your bags to check in for the second flight. If you are travelling internationally and it means that you must go through customs and immigration at your connecting port, so be it.

This point-to-point system can be a hassle for the passenger, but it does work well for the airlines, and it helps to keep airfares low.

The Malaysian-owned airline AirAsia is one of the world’s most successful low cost airlines, it has been voted as the World’s Best Low Cost Airline, and now they are competing with full service airlines by offering fly-through fares.

AirAsia flies to four destinations in Australia: Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. They are now offering fly-through fares via Kuala Lumpur to Penang, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, four very popular destinations within Malaysia.

If you purchase the fly-through fares to any of these destinations, it means that your luggage will be automatically transferred to your connecting flight, negating your need to collect it and line up again for check in at Kuala Lumpur.

Normally with luggage on low cost carriers you need to pay extra to stow luggage in the hold. You still need to pay for each sector on your fly-through fare, but you can customise your baggage to suit your journey. For instance, you could select 15KG on some sectors and 30KG on others. This would work if you intended to, say, go to Penang for shopping knowing that you will have more luggage on your return journey, you can budget for it, and you won’t be penalised on your outbound journey.

For me, though, the best aspect of this fly-through fare is that the airline takes responsibility for your connection. The completion of the journey is guaranteed by AirAsia. In the case of a delay, you would be put onto the next onward flight or whatever happens to be the case in the circumstance, and that’s what makes these fly-through fares worth purchasing.

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