Amazing Views from Springbrook Queensland

The Gold Coast in southern Queensland, Australia is known for its sun, surf, entertainment and high rise buildings. It has an exciting, glitzy environment, that is exemplified by the vibrancy of Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. It’s a place where hundreds of thousands of visitors go to surf, shop, dine out and party, and it caters admirably to all those requirements, but there is another part of the Gold Coast that is a little bit hidden, where nature can be experienced in all of its glory, and it is just about a thirty minute drive from the centre of Surfers Paradise.

Springbrook is a quiet mountain retreat which is located in the Tweed Ranges, inland from the Gold Coast shore. The area is called the Gold Coast hinterland, and it is certainly worth a visit as it provides a wonderful contrast to the bustle and action along the beach strip.

Springbrook itself is a small village, that is set amid lush, tropical rainforest a couple of thousand feet above sea level.

To reach the town you have to negotiate a steep, winding road which climbs quite suddenly.

You drive west through the interior suburbs, when, quite suddenly, you seem to be in a low populated rural area. As you climb, agricultural land gets scarcer and thick forest becomes more common. The road becomes narrower and the gradient steeper. As the forest becomes denser, it also becomes darker and there is a definite drop in the temperature.

Well before you reach the town of Springbrook you enter the Springbrook National Park, where there are several scenic lookouts which allow stunning views of the plains below, the the high rise plainly seen in the far distance.

One of the places you must visit in Springbrook is the Purlingbrook Falls, a very impressive waterfall which seems to have a drop of well over 100 metres. There are two excellent lookouts which can be reached by following well marked paths through dense rainforest. For those who have the time there is a 6 kilometre walk that can be undertaken, although one path that led down the gorge to take you behind the waterfall was closed due to rock falls when I visited.

About seven kilometres from the falls is the Best Of All Scenic Lookout. Intrigued by the name I decided that I had to visit. And followed a winding road which kept going higher, until it came to a parking area. From here I followed a trail through the dark rainforest for about 350 metres until I reached the lookout. The name `Best of All’ is well suited as the view from here is absolutely fantastic. It was a clear day and I could see the hills and valleys of southern Queensland and northern New South Wales spreading in front of me as far as Byron Bay and Cape Byron well to the south east.

Prior to undertaking my trip I had no knowledge of what to expect, so the whole experience was a perfectly enjoyable revelation to me, and my visit to Springbrook was a definite highlight of this journey to the Gold Coast.

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