American Airlines Makes Check-In Easier

While some airlines are either denying passengers some services, or making them pay ridiculous fees for services which were once provided free, American Airlines is doing the exact opposite, and it offering extra services to its customers

The airline is expanding its Curbside Check-In service to give customers travelling internationally the opportunity to check their bags with the skycap – making their trip through the airport as smooth as possible. Curbside Check-in is available to all customers travelling to an international location, including countries that require a visa, making American the only airline to provide a convenient service of this kind.

Since September, American has been expanding the enhanced service to 28 airports that currently offer domestic Curbside Check-in, including American’s cornerstone markets — Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago O’Hare, Miami and at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Thirty-one additional U.S. markets will offer the new services by the beginning of November.
Curbside Check-in gives customers the convenient opportunity to book, purchase and check-in from home, drop their bags curbside with a skycap and move directly through the security check-point to their gate in a smooth process. The service also provides flexibility for customers travelling with a large number of bags or who simply prefer to bypass the ticket counter.

Curbside Check-in to international locations will coincide with regular ticket counter hours and will be available to customers who use online flight check-in, electronic tickets, and those with or without pre-reserved seats

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