American Pie Eating Your Way Through State Foods

State emblems are fairly common throughout the world as most countries, states, provinces,counties, cantons or whichever method is used to identify a particular area have emblems which they plainly identify with, and which has some important meaning for the local people.

Flora and fauna are most typically used as official emblems; some of them are entirely understandable, such as China nominating the Panda as its official animal, and some less so. For instance, I could never figure out why Wales uses the Leek as its official plant, but it may be something as simple as the leek being native to Wales before being cultivated elsewhere.

So whilst, most places do have official emblems, I would have thought it unusual for places to have state foods, until I discovered that the state of Indiana has an official pie, the Hoosier Pie, also known as the Sugar Cream Pie.

This little known fact was a revelation to me as I didn’t realise that foods could also become official in particular regions. For instance, I don’t imagine for one minute that the German city of Hamburg has the hamburger as its official food, nor would I think that Turkey Roll is given official recognition in Turkey itself.

I’ve not had the good fortune to taste Indiana’s Sugar Cream Pie, but I assume that as it is the State Official Pie it must be compulsory to eat it on official occasions.

Indiana isn’t the only US state to have an official pie. If you do have the desire to eat your way through America’s official pies you could proceed alphabetically with Florida which has the Key Lime Pie as it’s official pie. By now it should be obvious that not every American state has an official pie, only some enlightened state’s have adopted the principal.

Louisiana has the Nachitoches Meat Pie as it’s official pie. This pie is similar to a empanada and its origins have something to do with the great Chicken War of 1719, which makes me wonder why it doesn’t contain chicken instead of the beef and pork from which it is normally made.

Maine has the Blueberry Pie, which makes sense as that state’s official fruit is also the blueberry. Maine is also one of the few states that has an official soft drink, Moxie, which is said to have a somewhat bitter taste. Not content with just one state pie, Maine also has an official dessert, which is the Whoopie Pie. I’ve heard of whoopie cushions and I’ve just hoping that its eponymous pie doesn’t give the same effect.

Massachusetts has as its official pie, not unsurprisingly, the Boston Cream Pie, which is something of a misnomer as it is actually a cake and not a pie.

The state of Oklahoma has gone traditional nominating the Pecan Pie as its official state pie. Why Oklahoma has chosen Pecan Pie I don’t know as it was actually invented by French settlers in New Orleans.

Pennsylvania has the Shoofly Pie as its official pie. I have no idea of the origins of its name but I assume its because flies must also have it as their favourite meal.

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