Ancient City in Bulgaria

It appears that European civilisation may have first appeared in northeastern Bulgaria, if a recent find by archaeologists near the town of Provadia prove to be correct.

Bulgaria, it appears, has long associations with modern human activity, with evidence from the earliest human remains dating back 44,000 years. In those days humans were either scavengers or hunters and collectors, depending on which school of thought you wish to believe, but whatever their main means of survival, there were nomads, and not settlers.

Which leads us to the modern town of Provadia where recent excavations have discovered the remains of two-story houses, several pits used for rituals, gate parts, and fortified walls that have been carbon-dated and found to be from 4,700 to 4,200 BC.

The importance of this site is that it represents the earliest known urban development. It is small and not at all as impressive as the more recent cities that have been found in Greece, or ancient Rome.

Provadia is a town which is located in Varna Province near the Black Sea coast. It is located inside a deep gorge through which runs the Provadia River, which gives access to the Black Sea. As with most civilisations, it is the benefits attained from the location which led to the are first being settled.

There are some of the biggest rock-salt deposits in south-eastern Europe in the area, and as salt is still a very valuable commodity, particularly because of its preserving properties, this seems to be the reason for the establishment of the original town, which was called Solnitsata.

The salt is still mined in the region. Way back 7,500 years ago, salt was not only a necessity but was an extremely useful commodity because it was also an accepted currency, so was a very valuable trading tool.

The ancient town of Solnitsata is impressive because it has a fortified wall and evidence of a religious centre, it is estimated that the town was home to about 350 people, and it meets all the conditions in order to be known as the oldest prehistoric town in Europe.

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