Avon is calling at Brookton

The Avon Valley in Western Australia is very rich farming country where life is centred around the many historic towns which dot the valley.

Located on the other side of the Darling Scarp from Perth, such good land just one hundred kilometres or so from Perth proved to be irresistible to the pioneering folk who first settled there.

Brookton is one of those towns, being first settled in 1846.  The settlement remained quite small until the Great Southern Railway opened in 1889 and made it more accessible.  So swift was its growth following the introduction of the railway that Brookton was first gazetted as a town in 1895.

That original railway station has now been restored, but as there are no more passenger services on the line, the station has become an arts and crafts gallery, and the land adjacent to it has been transformed into a Pioneer Park.

There are many reserves and places near Brookton which have been preserved well enough for the native flora and fauna to flourish.

Just ten kilometres out of town is Boyagin Rock Nature Reserve, an imposing rocky outcrop that is now well weathered.  It is possible to find rare orchids growing in the reserve, and it is home to a variety of native wildlife which includes numbats, goannas, echidnas and Tammar Wallabies.

Nine Acre Rock is 14 kilometres on the other side of Brookton, heading east.  There are also the remains if an old property here, a house and shed that are just over a century old.  Nine Acre Rock is good for picnics, but it really comes into its own during the wildflower season in spring when the whole area bursts into fantastic colours from the myriad of wildflowers.     

Every two years Brookton hosts the Old Time Motor Show, which showcases the widest range of vintage machinery and vehicles in Western Australia.  The Show is a really good family day which affords the visitor the opportunity to see masses of fascinating veteran and vintage machines and vehicles.

These days the easiest way to reach Brookton is by car via the Brookton Highway which connects the town with Perth’s south eastern suburbs.

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