Big Boys Toys in Mt Victoria

TrainsplanesI must admit that I have a passion for trains. Usually the real, live ones, but I am also fascinated by model trains as well.

On a visit to the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney I dropped into a shop that was located on the main highway in the town of Mount Victoria.

The shop is called Trains, Planes and Automobile.


“It is like an Aladdin’s Cave of toys for blokes.”


The shop is very cluttered, but in the best possible way, with models of trains, planes, automobiles and boats. Just about any toy a red-blooded man could possible enjoy.

You could spend hours in the shop browsing, drooling and wishing that you could afford it all. Every spare inch of space is taken up with some lovely toy that would make a man journey back to childhood when playing with toys was the highlight of every kid’s world.

The shop attracts train buffs and toy lovers from all over the world, for to go inside the store is like entering a wonderland. Every wall, bench, counter and display cabinet is filled with a treasure. They even hang from the ceiling, and working model trains chuff their way around the displays on tracks.

The store specialises in O Gauge trains, which are large enough to install in your garden, and are big enough to be admired in detail with the naked eye, unlike the much smaller OO or N Gauge trains which need magnifying glasses to be properly observed.

Whilst I was there, local train buffs would pop in for a chat, or to get some advice and Keith, the proprietor, was more than happy to offer help or just pass the time of day.


“It is the sort of place where you could just have a yarn and not be pressured to purchase.”



As much of their business is mail order, they don’t entirely depend on passing trade in order to make a living, but beware! when you enter Trains, Planes and Automobiles, you will want to leave with a treasured souvenir of your visit. Perhaps it will be a reminder of your youth, or some precious object that, as a kid, you have always wanted but were unable to afford at the time.

Keith has a genuine fondness for those wonderful toys, and an encyclopaedic knowledge about them, their histories, and each toy has a story about it.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles is now on my radar, and when next I am in the Blue Mountains, I’ll be making a beeline towards Mt Victoria just so I can rejuvenate myself by getting lost, once again, in some remnant from my youth.

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