Booking Hotels Online Can Save Money

One of the things that I like about modern connectivity, be it the internet, mobile phones or portable pads and tablets, is that you can really make great savings when you browse to book travel.

A perfect example is booking hotels online. There are heaps of online booking sites, and I have found that some are better than others at servicing particular regions of the world. I needed hotel accommodation for the conclusion of a tour that I am doing and the tour organisers sent me a list of accommodation providers in their region, with a note that one particular hotel offers a discount to their passengers, you just had to contact that hotel direct.

Many people would see the word `discount’ and think they would be getting a great deal so would just book the room over the phone.

Before phoning the hotel, I checked a couple of sites and found that the best price for the hotel that offered a discount was $179. I thought that was a bit steep, but it is a popular hotel located in a tourist town and I was wanting to book during the high season. I understand seasonality and that accommodation does become much more expensive purely because of demand. That is a free enterprise economy at work, so I don’t argue against it, but it doesn’t stop me from searching for a bargain.

So I phoned the hotel direct and asked about the discount for clients of the tour company with whom I was travelling and was given a price of $249 dollar per night. I queried whether or not that price still included the discount, and I was assured that it did.

I was very polite, but declined to book.

So I started browsing some of my favourite hotel sites, and saw there was a mystery deal at a particular hotel in the town on the night I wanted. The price listed for the mystery deal was $135. I have stayed at the hotel that I phoned a couple of times, so I knew the property quite well. When I read the description of the mystery hotel, I recognised it instantly, so booked at the special mystery hotel price. When the confirmation came through, it was the hotel that I had tried to book previously and I had just saved myself $114 off the discounted price.

I am not writing this to brag, but merely to urge anyone to spend a bit of time looking around to try to find the best price you can. In this instance, from the time of my initial search, to the time that I made my booking, which included the interval during which I rang the hotel, was only five minutes.

You may not save money on hotels every time, but when you persist you are often rewarded. Booking accommodation online? I’m a great fan.

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