Boracay Philippines

brcyThe Philippines has thousands of islands, both large and small, but one of the real jewels is the small island of Boracay which is located 315 kilometres (196 miles) south of the capital Manila in the Western Visayas region of the country.

The island is just seven kilometres in length and one kilometre wide at its narrowest point. Somewhat resembling a bone, Boracay is just a short hop from the much larger Panay Island, and the only access to the island is by boat. The most common way to reach Boracay is from the jetty at the town of Caticlan, which is also the closest town to the nearest airport.

Boracay is popular because of its beaches, with the best known, and longest, at four kilometres being White Beach. This is also the most popular beach on the island due to the number of resorts which are dotted along it. With sand that really lives up to its name, White Beach has been named by a number of travel publications as one of the best beach resort areas in the world. Due to its length, the various areas of the beach are referenced by Boat Stations. These are points which give locals and visitors a bearing. For instance Boat Station one refers to the area of the beach between Boracay Terraces and Willy’s Rock.

There are 12 beaches in total on Boracay, with the second most popular beach being Bulabog Beach, which is on the other side of the island to White Beach. Bulabog is protected by a reef, and can also get very windy so it is a popular spot for wind and kite surfers.

Another, less used, beach is Puka on the northern tip of the island. The beach takes its name from the Puka Shell, which is collected here. Because of its position, the seas can get a little rougher at Puka, but it can still be idyllic when conditions are right.

A series of paths criss-cross the island, so it is quite easy to go for a leisurely stroll. For those who appreciate a less active form of transport there are motor tricycles darting all over the place which can be hired for a low fee.

Needless to say, this island is designed for the needs of tourists in mind so there is a plethora of accommodation of all grades, excellent restaurants and bars, and a vibrant night life. Basically, they cater for everyone from honeymooners to families to those who want a bit of a rage.

Whatever your situation, Boracay is the quintessential tropical island.

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