Bratislava joins world

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava, which is the only national capital in the world to border two countries: Austria and Hungary.

For those air passengers wishing to visit Slovakia it has been a little difficult to reach by air, and most people fly to Austria’s capital, Vienna, and commute the 6o kilometres between the two cities by road, but all that is about to change.

International carrier Czech Airlines is introducing a number of routes which will directly connect Bratislava with a number of European capitals, or airline hub airports.  Passengers can purchase tickets for the new Czech Airlines flights from Bratislava’s M. R. Štefánik Airport on six direct flights from Bratislava to major European metropolises.

Thanks to this initiative, Bratislava will be afforded a comfortable means of connecting to dozens of other destinations in North and South America, Africa, and Asia, to which it will be possible to travel on a single ticket. Czech Airlines will operate the first of these flights to Amsterdam.

With the introduction of Czech Airlines’ direct flights to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Larnaca, Paris, and Rome, more comfortable connections to the most sought-after European destinations will be made available to residents of Bratislava, as well as western Slovakia. Furthermore, thanks to partners from the SkyTeam Alliance, they will be able to carry on to dozens of long-haul destinations all over the world from any one of three transfer points, and on one ticket.

The expansion of Bratislava Airport’s offer by the initial 21 direct flights a week to 6 destinations will significantly broaden and improve the quality of services for all passengers, including those travelling on business. Connections to key transfer hubs, such as Amsterdam, Paris and Rome, open up the possibility of travelling from Bratislava Airport to literally the entire world.

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