Bring on a Boring Flight

I just read a comment on Twitter in which someone complained that their flight was boring. In my humble opinion, if the flight was boring then that’s a good thing.

Non-boring flights usually become that way due to some incident. It may be that a fellow passenger is obnoxious or that a flight steward spills hot coffee over your lap as they were leaning over you to serve your neighbour in the next seat.

The baby in the seat in front of you may have cried non-stop; or the kid five rows back thought that the aircraft cabin was their play area in which to run around, and their lazy parents simply didn’t notice.

Of course, they are many other incidents which can make a flight fascinating.

Strong turbulence rarely brings on the yawns; the plane going into a sudden steep dive also keeps you somewhat interested in your flight. Having a window seat and watching the engine catch fire can also be a riveting experience, but not one that most passengers care to have.

Fortunately, there hasn’t been an incident now for quite some while, but having hijackers on board certainly does make you sit up and take notice.

There are other, more benign, incidents which can certainly help keep you focused on your flight.

On one flight I took in China none of the toilets were working, and if they had of told us that before we boarded so that we could carry out the appropriate ablutions on the ground there would have been a lot less squirming on the plane.

You get the picture now, don’t you? Boring flights are excellent. They mean that you are comfortable; the flight is on time; the weather is good so doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment; your fellow passengers are all lovely and well behaved; the cabin crew are efficient and they have the meal that you want; the aircraft is beautifully maintained and behaves just as it should; your flight crew do nothing that will put you ill at ease; you arrive at your destination safely and without incident. If all of those things occur then you’ve had the perfect flight, I reckon.

Or perhaps there was another reason for the Twitterer to think that the flight was boring – perhaps it was that person themself who was boring. Most planes these days have in-flight entertainment you can use, or, shock horror! It is possible to take books and magazines on planes to read, or an iPad or laptop to play with (switched to in-flight mode, of course).

No. To my mind there is no such thing as a boring flight, only flights without incidents, in which case, I’ll use them anytime.

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