Busch Gardens Virginia

There are theme parks which cater to just about every interest, and Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia has a distinctly European setting that has been somewhat responsible for the park to be described as “The World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park”.

Whether or not this is true is up to the individual to decide, but certainly Busch Gardens does have rides and attractions which are different to those you would normally find at other theme parks.

There are certainly some interesting rides, one of which is the Alpengeist, a roller oaster that is inspired by German legends about a ghost of the alps, which is one of the tallest and fastest rides in the world.

Apollo’s Chariot is another legend-inspired ride. This one of based on the Ancient Greek legends of their Olympian sun god Apollo which takes the form of his chariot undergoing a sequence of unbelievable manoeuvres which includes mind-bending climbs to the weightless wonder of floating airtime.

The Loch Ness Monster is one of the world’s best known legends, and the curve of the track represents the scaly-body of the monster entwining upon itself to feature double loops, 13 storey-high climbs and perilous drops which get the adrenalin running much faster than the sight of a real Nessie could ever do.

The tallest ride in the park is Mach Tower, which is located near Oktoberfest, although you really wouldn’t want to imbibe a skinful of beer before trying out the tower. Seated on a circular platform, riders are lifted 245 feet into the air when suddenly the contraption just drops, which observers know about as they hear the scream of terror.

The newest ride, Verbolten, is based on an Autobahn trip through the Black Forest with a exhilarating plummet towards the Rhine River to convey a real white knuckle experience.

Busch Gardens is much more than terrifying rides as the park also features a number of shows such as an Irish dance extravaganza called Celtic Fyre and the animal show The Secret Life of Predators, which is entirely safe for the audience. There’s an acrobatic show that is based on popular fairy tales and a comic Italian musical show that is performed by chefs.
Not all rides are designed solely for the thrill seekers as there are many rides that are entertaining, rather than terrifying, and which are suitable for the whole family. With a range of dining choices, live animal exhibits, and special attractions added throughout the year, Busch Gardens promises to keep everyone entertained throughout their visit.

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