Canggu villas simply divine

It used to be that Kuta, on the Indonesian island of Bali was a small, fairly quiet place that was almost heaven on earth.  That was a long time ago, and Kuta has been growing now for several decades, so that now the coastline from the village of Tuban, just south east of Kuta, to Seminyak, that is well north west of Kuta is a clutter of hotels, shops, restaurants and supermarkets which cater almost exclusively to the tourist trade.

The next big destination to be developed in Canggu, which has one of Bali’s better surf breaks.  Fortunately, it seems that the trend at Canggu is to build private villas rather than large hotesl and resorts, so that the area still retains something of a village feel.

Canggu is still a bit like Kuta used to be.  There are still plenty of rice fields there, some of which go right down to the beach.  Many of the villas are surrounded by rice fields, which gives them that true Bali feel.

Divine Villas is a Balinese company which manages villas.  Because they are a local company, they still have respect for the Balinese way of life, so ensure that their villas are compatible with the areas in which they are located.

They have two villas in Canggu.

Sarsana Villas is a four bedroom luxurious retreat that is set amid the rice fields.  Each of the bedrooms is situated to ensure complete privacy and are tastefully decorated. Each has its own ensuite bathroom.  There is a modern kitchen for those wishing to eat in, and a private swimming pool.    

Ayanna Villas have 2 and 3 bedroom villas and although it is a contemporary property it does have some good Balinese touches, such as thatched roofs. These villas also have a private swimming pool and large terrace, but the villas also come with mountain bikes so that guests can explore the local area at their leisure.

The third of the Divine Villas is at Seminyak and is called Akara Villas.  Seminyak is busier than Canggu, and you have a much wider choice of restaurants and shops here.  The complex contains a three bedroom villa and a one bedroom villa.  Once again, there is a pool at the property and butler service is also offered.

Of course, all of the villas are staffed by housekeepers and cooks so that you can still relax.

Staying in villas is a growing trend in Bali, and they do give you a lot of privacy and provide you with a nice retreat from the crowds you find at the hotels and resorts.

Bali is getting very busy these days as hundreds of thousands of tourists, mainly Australians, pour in.  One of the advantages of staying in a villa is that you are not pestered by other guests.  There are no noisy neighbours, or problems finding a table for breakfast.  Villas offer the advantages of enjoying solace when you’re in the mood for privacy, with the ability to leave the compounds and venture out into the crowds.

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