Canning River Perth

Sitting in the Canning River Cafe that is situated in the park by the Kent Street Weir at Cannington on a typically lovely Perth day.

Birds are chirping, the espresso machine is gurgling, and planes are lining up to descend into Perth Airport. The sun is shining, it is warmly pleasant, a slight breeze is rustling the leaves of the eucalyptus trees. The dog is laying beside me, using my body as a shade cloth and a Qantas 737 has just lowered its undercarriage as it lines up for its approach to the runway.

We’ve just enjoyed a pleasant stroll through Canning River Regional Park, admiring the foliage along the river’s foreshore trying our best not to disturb the plentiful aquatic bird life. Some of the ponds which lay near the river are beginning to go stagnant as the weather gets warmer and the remnants of the last rains begin to dry up.

Moved up the river a bit, to a bench which directly overlooks the river. Despite it flowing through an urban area, the Canning looks very clean. Not a skeric of rubbish to be seen anywhere. Looks can be deceiving, as the waters are not entirely clean, thanks to the detritus of domestic agriculture which flows into the water, sometimes killing fish, but certainly rendering it inedible.

That aside, it is very peaceful, until the next planes arrives, of course, to disturb the tranquility.

A few people are picnicking, others a sitting on benches simply admiring the view, all of us keeping to ourselves, but sharing a glance up at the 767 as it passes directly overhead. One guy has fallen asleep, protected by the dappled shade of a paperbark tree.

You feel that you are in the middle of nowhere, yet barely one minute walk from here is a major road and an enormous shopping centre.

This isn’t nowhere at all, but it is a common Perth experience, to be able to find a convenient, quiet, cosy spot where you can just sit and enjoy life on a warm, Spring day.

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