Car leasing in Europe

I have written before about a scheme for driving brand new cars through Europe which is marketed in North America as the Peugeot Buy Back Scheme.  I have since discovered that this scheme, for which you purchase a brand new Peugeot and then hand it back, tax free, after at least 17 days applies only to Peugeot; however, it is still possible to lease a brand new Renault or Citroen to drive throughout Europe, and it can be more economical than car rental, depending on the number of days that you have the car.

Car Leasing is an initiative by the French government to boost tourism into France, and it is intended for those planning an extended stay in Europe.  This is a tax free programme, which comes with fully inclusive insurance that has Zero Excess, the main condition being that the lease must be fully paid before you leave your home country.

When you lease a new Renault or Citroen, the vehicles are registered in your name but these new vehicles are leased to you free of all duties and taxes, providing you are a non-French or European Union resident.  In addition to the full comprehensive insurance, you have unlimited kilometres and 24 hour roadside assistance.

In Australia, you can organise your lease through Global Cars.

Because car leasing is aimed primarily at those planning extended stays in Europe, the scheme becomes very competitive with normal car hire if you intend to drive the car for over 26 days (depending on make and model, of course).

By leasing a car under this scheme you get a guarantee that your vehicle will be brand new, and you have the choice of petrol or diesel and either manual or auto.  Many of these vehicles have GPS built in.   You need to lease your chosen car at least four weeks prior to departure, and you can pick up your vehicle at the airport on arrival in France.

You can also choose to pick up or leave your vehicle in other countries, but there is a fee for this service.  For cars that are picked up and dropped off in France there are no additional fees, and if you do choose airports for delivery and drop off, you don’t pay additional airport fees.

You are able to drive your vehicle through 33 countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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