MH Business Class Seats

These state-of-the-art Business Class seats should attract passengers who demand a whole lot of luxury when they fly, having tried out the new seats I was delighted with how comfortable they are. . . . → Read More: MH Business Class Seats

Airlander 10 the world’s longest aircraft

The 92-metre Airlander 10 floated in a hangar in Cardington, central England where its backers showcased a vessel they said could stay airborne for up to two weeks. . . . → Read More: Airlander 10 the world’s longest aircraft

Too Much Airport Security

We are all targeted by the world’s security agencies and are forced to remove shoes, belts, jewellery before walking through scanners, some of which allow security personnel to see right through our clothes. . . . → Read More: Too Much Airport Security

Malaysia Airlines Catering

Prior to visiting the catering headquarters I had assumed that most airline meals would prepared in bulk by machines. I was way off the mark, as the preparation of meals at Brahim’s is a distinctly hands on affair and very labour intensive. There are little tricks used to make the brain think you are eating recently cooked food. . . . → Read More: Malaysia Airlines Catering

Scoot Dreamliner Review

I recently flew on the Scoot Dreamliner and it was a fantastic experience . . . → Read More: Scoot Dreamliner Review