Charge phone while you eat at Paris airports

One of the first things people do after their flight arrives at an airport is to switch on their mobile/cell phones to make calls or check for messages.

One of the last things people do before boarding their flight is to make calls or send messages.

In other words, many people, probably most passengers, use their mobile/cell phones at airports. Of course, every time you use your phone the charge diminishes somewhat.

At the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport seeing your phone battery lose power is no longer an issue, as they have introduced a revolutionary new way to charge your phone.

The travel catering specialist at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, SSP France, has an exclusive offer for clients at its points of sale: a totally new way of charging mobile telephones by electromagnetic induction.

The principle of electromagnetic induction is really quite interesting as it transforms the dining table into that you may be sitting at into a genuine energy platform, which is called the PowerKiss system.

There’s nothing to plug in, no trying to find the correct plug, or anything like that. All passengers have to do when they arrive at a point of sale, such as a cafe, restaurant or bar, is to request a charging ring, plug it into their telephone, sit at one of the specially-equipped tables and place the telephone on the table and the table will charge it. Simple really.

This innovation offers a service that meets the expectations of passengers at Paris airports. For, according to the Food Travel Experts study conducted by SSP Group, travellers use the catering areas not only for eating and drinking but also for reading (40%), making phone calls (29%), working (25%) and using computers for entertainment (16%). You can still do all these things with the bonus that your phone will become fully charged.

This new PowerKiss system is currently available at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in the following areas:
Terminal 1 – Le Grand Comptoir Café-bar, public area, Bar 4.36, public area, Caffè Ritazza, satellite 6, duty-free area, Brioche Dorée, satellite 7, duty-free area

And in Terminal 2A – Brioche Dorée, Satellite A, duty-free area

By the end of the year, several new points of sale will be equipped with this exclusive
system, in particular at Paris-Orly airport.

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