Christchurch is open after earthquake

Tourism operators in New Zealand’s Canterbury region, hard hit by publicity around the recent earthquakes, are banding together for a special event to reinforce their “Christchurch is Open” message.

The Christchurch and Canterbury tourism industry has been hit hard by media attention focusing on the effects of the seismic events and wants to show the world the city is open, ready and willing to welcome back tourists.

They say their ‘Christchurch is Open’ event is designed to alleviate some of the pressure on the tourism industry and create something positive for Christchurch.

A website has been created to highlight the event and to create some positive media attention for Christchurch.

Tourism and members of the hospitality industry will be able to list their business on and include any specials or last minute deals they are offering at no cost.

It is hoped that the site will become a portal for directing tourists, who are visiting or planning to visit the area, to the tourism and hospitality businesses still operating in the Christchurch and Canterbury region.

Despite the recent events in Christchurch, the ‘Garden City’ remains the fourth most popular domestic holiday destination – behind Wellington, Auckland and Queenstown.    

The New Zealand Traveller Survey showed that 28% of New Zealanders living outside Christchurch will visit the city in the next year, and 60% said the earthquake hadn’t affected their desire to go to Christchurch.

Rebuilding Christchurch’s tourism industry has been given a boost with a new partnership between Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism, Christchurch International Airport Limited, Christchurch City Council and the Ministry of Economic Development.

The organisations have pooled resources to help market Christchurch and Canterbury to the world and will work together to rebuild the city’s tourism infrastructure.

A steering party will develop a new regional ‘Activity Plan’ with a roadmap to recovery, outlining the projects and activities needed in the coming months, and monitoring progress.

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