Clean Green Funky Gothenburg Sweden

Living in a small city usually means you can enjoy a better lifestyle than trying to survive in a megapolis, because small cities, by their very nature, have an ability to adapt and to change to better reflect contemporary standards.

The Swedish city of Gothenburg is one place that is large enough to provide all the resources you would expect to find in a city, but small enough to keep itself totally unique and very liveable.

For music fans, of any genre, Gothenburg is something of a beacon. Each year the city attracts the world’s biggest act to the Ullevi Stadium (Madonna and Brice Springsteen appear later this year); punk and hardcore fans flock to the annual West Coast Riot; Summerburst caters to electronic dance fans; Metaltown is one of Europe’s biggest metal gigs; and the MTV World Stage is free to attend in Gothenburg and beams its concerts live to 550 million households around the world. Of course, there is classical music and the city has even spawned its own music style called melodic death metal and, sadly, the Crazy Frog Eurodance cartoon.

Public transport is so good, more people commute by bus and tram than by car these days. The city has an extensive tram system, and a fleet of buses that are powered by biogas, plus ferries which ply the harbour. Gothenburg’s harbour is the largest in Sweden and, as a port city, there is great shopping to be had.

Sweden is famous for its modern and functional design and one of the best places to see the history of Swedish design is at the Rohsska Museum of Fashion, Design and Decorative Arts. Here, the main criteria for selection of objects has been high aesthetic and technical quality. Objects on display are mainly of Swedish and European handcrafts, industrial handcrafts and industrial design.

Gothenburg is a welcoming city and if you are there on a Friday night you’ll discover that many of the bars provide free food when you purchase a drink, and often cafes will provide a blanket to help keep you warm if you sit outside.

One of the best ways for visitors to enjoy Gothenburg is to purchase a City Card which gives free entrance to many of the attractions, including the city’s 28 museums, plus free travel on public transport, free parking and lots of good shopping deals.

Gothenburg is best seen during the warmer months when Sweden’s long hours of sunlight allow for maximum sightseeing and enjoyment.

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