Costa del Sol Andalucía

cstdlslMany people flock to Spain to enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate. One of the most popular places for visitors is Andalucía in the southern part of Spain, a region which includes the Iberian Peninsula.

The region of Andalucía which attracts the most visitors is the Costa del Sol, which is blessed with many perfect beaches and a blend of luxury tourist areas and quiet Spanish villages.

The Costa del Sol stretches along the coastline of the Province of Malaga for about 150 kilometres. Whilst there is no doubt that its beaches are the main attraction, there is still many more ways to occupy your time than merely sunning yourself on a beach.

The main city in Costa del Sol is Malaga. East of Malaga the coastline extends to the city of Nerja, which is the provincial capital, and to the border with Grenada. This is a less developed region of the Costa del Sol. West of Malaga, the coast extends all the way to Gibraltar, and it is this region that is most popular with tourists.

Just 25 kilometres west of Malaga is Fuengirola, a former fishing village that has become a very popular destination and transformed itself into a busy cosmopolitan place filled with resorts and tapas bars.

Torremolinos is just seven kilometres from the airport which has a popular seafront promenade called the Paseo Maritimo. Once the mainstay of the packaged tour, which came complete with budget accommodation and fake Spanish food, Torremolinos is now more sophisticated and has been greened up quite a bit by the installation of public gardens.

Many British families have discovered Benalmadena and have bought holiday homes in the area. There are three distinct parts to Benalmadena, starting with the Old Town which is now in danger of being obliterated by so much development. Next is the commercial town centre whi9ch sits between the hilltop village and the coast. Then there is the coast itself, which is the focus of entertainment facilities, including lots of pubs and restaurants and clubs which thrive deep into the night.

The most upmarket are is Marbella, here celeb-spotting is a popular pastime. You can’t miss this place as its name is emblazoned in huge letters above a concrete archway at the edge of the town. Naturally the coastline here is superb, and levels of accommodation and entertainment are more glitzy, and correspondingly more expensive, than will find in most other places along the Costa del Sol.

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