Cottage Breaks in Britain

cttgTravelling need not be an arduous pursuit, complicated by connecting transport services, crossing borders, dealing with hotel staff, sharing dormitories in backpackers hostels. Visits to places near and far can sometimes be fleeting, so that you really don’t get to experience your chosen destination.

I’ve found that there is one way to get to know a region like a local, and that is to live like a local. One of the best ways to get to know Britain is to hire a cottage, make that your base for the duration of your stay, cut down on travel as you explore the local area, and really get to know the area which drew you there in the first place.

One organisation that can help you find a cottage that is just right for you, in the area of your choice is Cottageline. This is no large conglomerate, but a countrywide association of privately owned independent holiday cottage agencies offering holiday accommodation throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

What that means is that you deal with people who live and work in the area of your interest, and they use their local knowledge to find you exactly the type of cottage which best suits your needs. Being locals, their interest is in best promoting their individual areas by ensuring that your expectations are met.

With such a wide net of local operators, there are truly some amazing cottages for short term rent.

Although called Cottageline, the range of accommodation on offer is actually quite varied, ranging from inner city flats, or apartments, to renovated churches and lovely farm cottages on expansive blocks. Choice is quite varied, ranging from character-filled, thatched stone cottages to ultra-modern apartments that are stacked with all mod cons.

Prices vary according to the number of people that can be accommodated, position and seasonality. Naturally, the price is at its highest in peak season, but if you wish to holiday when the crowds stay at home, then some great deals can be negotiated.

Each region or local operator have their own web pages where you can see and get details for any property in which you may have an interest in renting. When entering your search criteria, you can even nominate that you want a property that is happy to accept pets.

Information includes availability, detailed property information, maps, local information (even mentioning the number of nearby pubs) and any reviews that have been posted by previous tenants.

With over 4,500 properties from which to choose, there is bound to be a cottage there that is just right for you.

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