Cruising the Mediterranean with the Holland America line

The Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by ancient cultures and historic ports, and scattered amongst its waters are plenty of idyllic islands which just beg to be visited.  The Mediterranean saw the beginnings of western civilisation, and the whole region reeks of humankind’s quest to tame the Earth.

One of the best reasons to cruise the Mediterranean is because you are often in sight of land, and the region is small enough to be readily accessible, so that interesting shore excursions can be almost a daily event.  For those who like cruising, but who aren’t keen to travel upon vast oceans well out of range of land, cruising the Mediterranean makes for an ideal choice.

One cruise line that has been taking passengers around the Mediterranean since 1873 is the Holland America line.

With 15 luxury ships sailing to more than 300 ports of call and all seven continents, and more ships and tours being added each year, Holland America’s commitment to providing the best in cruise vacations is confirmed by awards and accolades from leaders in the tourism industry.

Holland America Line is the highest rated premium cruise line in the “World’s Best” award from Travel & Leisure Magazine and the Cond Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards and received “Best Cruise Line” honours for the second year in a row from Recommend Magazine readers. The company has received the “World’s Best Cruise Value” award from the World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society for 17 years in succession, consistently singled out for recognition over all other cruise lines.     

With well over 100 cruises that have a Mediterranean component, you should be able to find a cruise which caters to your interest.  Many of the itineraries visit ancient ports, or have a theme such as navigating their way around parts of the Roman Empire so you can understand, in real geographical terms, the true might of the ancient Roman Empire.  The true beauty of these cruises for history buffs is that you tend to sail at night and visit important Roman ports during the day.  It’s a great way to help you experience for yourself the essence of Ancient Rome and to get some sense of what it must have been like to have lived through those times.

Of course, there are many cruise themes for the Mediterranean itineraries, and not all cater for a specific interest but are more general aimed primarily at families or couples who just want to see the Mediterranean and experience a bit of luxury.

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