Cruising with Facebook

In what appears to be a good idea, Princess Cruises has started using Facebook to allow passengers on its cruises to introduce themselves to fellow passengers before the ship even leaves port.
The cruise line has debuted a new Princess Roll Call section on its Facebook page enabling passengers on each sailing to connect with each other before and after their cruise. This special feature is designed to give Facebook users a way to meet fellow passengers beforehand, ask each other for advice, organise get-togethers and share the excitement leading up to a cruise and the memories afterward.

It should be remembered that cruising has always been a very social experience, and passengers often like to embrace the community nature of a cruise even before they set sail even before they set sail.

The Princess Cruises Roll Call section makes great use of the functionality of Facebook to give passengers a place to meet each other on a platform they probably already use. Passengers can check in with their fellow cruisers to make plans in the same place they use to keep up with family and friends.

The Facebook page is organised by ship and date, making it easy to find a specific sailing. Once passengers indicate that they are joining that voyage, they can leave comments or ask questions of fellow cruisers.

Each sailing’s page will continue to be available after the voyage, so passengers can keep in touch and share stories and photos once they return home.

The Princess Roll Call can be reached by logging onto Princess’ Facebook page at and clicking on the “Roll Call” tab on the left.

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  • Donna Brown

    For users of the website roll call function, the Princess Facebook Roll Call is a bit redundant, but I’m currently signed on to both for my upcoming cruise on Ocean Princess and there have been a lot of connections made on both for private shore excursion tours (probably an unintended consequence for Princess!!) and people have started to reference both back and forth. Hardcore Cruise Critic users are sometimes a little snarky about the new Princess Facebook roll call, though.

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