Darwin Time Again

Darwin HarbourI have decided that I really like Darwin. It has a big, country town feel with all the facilities you’d expect in a capital city.

Flying into Darwin today was a really nice experience. I’d flown up from Perth and, as usual, had chosen a window seat. I am one of those idiots who prefers looking out the window to watching a movie, at least on a daytime flight.

The flight from Perth to Darwin is all over land, except for when you are out over the Arafura Sea just before landing in Darwin. By the way Darwin, it is probably time you invested in a new terminal as the present terminal does get very cramped. That’s not a complaint, yet, just an observation.

We had beautiful clear weather for most of the flight. I witnessed a glorious morning in Perth, with mist clouding the Darling Ranges as we took off and banked to a north easterly direction. The morning was so clear it was easy to identify the towns all the way to Northam and to see the Avon River glistening in the morning sun as it began snaking its way back to Perth.

The wheat belt towns have been struggling due to low rains, and from the air the farms didn’t look to be too productive. One of the highlights for me was flying over that wide expanse of red earth that is the Pilbara. It is comprised on hundred of thousands of square kilometres of nothingness, with the occasional mine coming into view. They are easy to pick out, as there is always a road which leads to them, and they are the only,roads that you see.

The Pilbara is very special, but the landform becomes even more dramatic as you fly over the Kimberleys

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