Daylesford the queen of Victorian holiday towns

Daylesford Lake

Daylesford is a town where people go to get pampered.  A popular retreat in Victoria, it is particularly accessible for Melbournians, being only an hour and a half drive from the city.  The town is well known for its spas, which are possible because of the number of springs and mineral waters that are prevalent in the area.

Originally settled by Swiss-Italian miners, the area’s high rainfall allowed the original farmers to flourish.  Today, the local produce is a key feature of the Daylesford Sunday Markets which is held in Raglan St.  Visitors can also experience that Swiss-Italian heritage at the Lavendula Swiss Italian Farm.  This little taste of Italy is just 10 minutes north of Daylesford. Originally built in the 1860s, Lavandula’s 1860s sandstone farm buildings sit in a beautiful open garden. From the café La Trattoria, the view of lavender fields, olive grove and a vineyard make it the truly relaxing location for a glass of local wine and an antipasto. Another type of market is the Mill Market in Central Springs Road and it’s a collector’s dream, featuring Australia’s largest mix of antiques and collectables. Over 4,000 square metres.

The area around Daylesford is stunningly attractive, and one of the best views can be seen from the summit of nearby Mt. Macedon.  There are waterfalls, creeks and streams to enjoy, magnificent national parks and some of Victoria’s most attractive rural land to admire.

Daylesford Township is quite historic with many of its attractive buildings being well preserved.  There are some fine, well respected restaurants, and a number of interesting shops lining the streets.  One of the most interesting attractions in Daylesford is the Convent Gallery which, as the name suggests, is sequestered in a former convent.  The Convent now houses eight individual galleries, featuring new local and international artists every 8 weeks, the original restored chapel, a museum with the history of the building set up by the nuns themselves, retail selling one-off clothing and jewellery pieces, pottery, local wines and produce, a Mediterranean style cafe`,  There is even a wine bar in the old convent.

Daylesford Lake is picturesque, particularly in autumn when the trees which surround the lake form their autumn colours.  Daylesford Lake now has a cafe, a children’s playground, undercover barbeque with seating as well as paddleboats for hire on the weekends.

The town is well known for its pink tourism, which means that it caters to the gay community, although being gay is not an essential requirement for visiting the town.

It is the natural springs and mineral waters which are the main attraction, and there are over 100 spas and health retreats within a five kilometer radius of the town.  It is because Melbournians flock to Daylesford for a bit of pampering that the town really comes alive at weekends.  For this reason, you can get some really good mid-week packages at discount prices.

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