Deep into Guam Micronesia

You wouldn’t think that diving would be much good near the world’s deepest trench, but on the island of Guam in Micronesia diving and snorkelling are two activities which do give you a lot of pleasure, although some of the dives can be difficult.

As the land that is closest to the Mariana Trench, which at 10.994 km (6.856 miles) deep is the lowest point on Earth, you’d expect the waters of Guam to be unsuitable for diving, but it does boast a dive at a place called The Blue Hole that is very deep indeed. It is a natural limestone shaft, the entrance of which begins at a depth of 60ft and plunges to a depth of over 300ft, and should only be attempted by those with a lot of experience. Interestingly, Blue Hole is a popular name for difficult dive sites as there are at least two others located in different parts of the world.

If you don’t wish to don the scuba gear, you can get an idea of just how rich the marine life is by visiting the Fish Eye Marine Park in Piti Bay which is located near the Piti Bomb Hole and gives you access to over 200 species of fish and other marine life.

Diving aside, Guam does have other attractions, plus an American feel to it as Guam is the westernmost territory that is controlled by the United States.

The island also played a significant role during World War II as it was an American base that was captures by the Japanese and held for a couple of years before being won back. Prior to American occupation, the island was controlled by the Spanish for 333 years. They left a legacy of magnificent buildings and the San Antonio Stone Bridge which was built in the capital Hagatna in 1800 and once spanned the Agana River. The bridge still remains, although the river was diverted years ago.

Remains from the original inhabitants, the Chamorros, can also be seen in the form of lattes. These aren’t coffees but pillars made from coral which were used to support houses, and are about 1500 years old.

Guam has many first class hotels, especially those in Tumon Bay which is popular because of its attractive sandy beach, restaurants, bars and entertainment. Guam is pretty laid back and it has no major cities and a population numbering about 160,000. The official language is English, and the island has air connections with the US, Japan, China, The Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Australia and other islands in Micronesia.

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