Devonport Auckland

Devonport1New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland is blessed with three harbours. I have this belief that if you really want to get to know the best places to visit in any waterfront city, then you should get out onto the water, preferably using local transport, and you will find some magical spots.

Auckland has many magical spots, one of which is just a few minute’s ferry ride from the city centre.

Located just across Waitemata Harbour is the charming town of Devonport, a serene an attractive suburb on Auckland’s North Shore, which gives you a totally opposite perspective to the hustle and bustle of central Auckland just ten minutes away.

Devonport is the Auckland home to the New Zealand Navy, which you pass as you cruise to the town’s main wharf. The wharf itself is actually quite large, being home to a range of shops, and cafes, and it even has a radio station which broadcasts to the local community. Sharing space with the radio station is a tourist centre which offers Segway tours of the town, which is a brilliantly efficient way to negotiate your way up to the top of Mt Victoria, which is the highest volcano on Auckland’s North Shore. Yes, Auckland does have a number of volcanoes, none of which have erupted in a long time.

It is a short stroll from the wharf to Devonport town centre, which has good shopping in streets with plenty of character and ambience. Devonport is a window shoppers’ delight, but such is the variety and quality of products on display that even I was enticed into some of the shops, a pursuit that I usually try to avoid.

Within a couple of blocks are excellent boutiques, antique stores, cafes, gift shops, stores selling fabrics and all kind of interesting and novel knick knacks. It is an ideal place for a quiet amble and the occasional browse. Devonport reminded me of a much quieter version of Sydney’s Paddington, being quite upmarket, yet not inaccessibly so.

It is the perfect place to find a good cafe in which to enjoy refreshments and tasty morsels, as you sit, relax, and watch the world go by. Devonport also has its own chocolate factory, where hard decisions must be made when selecting the mouth watering treats. Right across the road is Chiasso Coffee Roasters, but your nose will easily lead you through the door.

Visiting Devonport is certainly worth the minimum amount of effort required to get there. It has a terrific town centre, and some great places from which to enjoy outstanding views of Auckland and its harbour.

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