Do Hotels rip us off?

I’ve been looking at hotel booking websites to check costs, and I figured that if you are only staying at a hotel for one night, or you want a late check-out, then you are being ripped off.
Why do I say this?

Because a daily rate should cover a 24-hour period, not part of that 24-hour period.

Case in point. If you check-in to a hotel for just one night, the check-in time is usually about 2pm in the afternoon. Check-out time is generally around 10am, although this can vary, and can sometimes be 11am or 12 noon. But say that it is a 10am check-out, if you did check-in on the dot of 2pm the previous day, you are paying for a 24-hour stay, but only receiving 20 hours of accommodation.

That’s like going to a pub to buy a pint of beer, and only getting five sixths of a pint. If a pub did that, the hue and cry would be phenomenal, and the pub would probably lose all of its business. Not only that, in many parts of the world it would be breaking the law. But we seem to tolerate hotels pulling the same stunt.

Paying for a late check-out is an even bigger con.

Mostly, if you pay for a late check-out, they expect you to vacate your room by 6pm. Except, that, in most circumstances, a late check-out is normally half the tariff. So, if normal check-out is 10am, and you pay half the daily tariff to stay an extra eight hours until 6pm, where are the other four hours you should be entitled to?

Worse still, if you did have a really late flight and wished to check-out at 10pm so that you could freshen up before heading to the airport, the hotel would demand that you pay for an extra day – so you actually get 12 hours less accommodation than you pay for!

Why can’t hotels charge a pro rata tariff based on the actual time you spend at the hotel? So, if you check-in at 2pm and check-out at 10am the next day, instead of paying the full whack, you only pay fifth sixths of the daily tariff.

Surely, that is fair to the customer.

Hotels would probably argue that they need a gap between occupancy so that they can clean the room. I agree, they do, but if the room has been occupied they need to clean the room anyway, whether the guests are checking out or not.

To charge full price for a room that is not used for the full cycle of a day is a bit of a rip off, I reckon.

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