Driving around the Mekong Delta

Work has begun in Vietnam on a 220-km long coastal road in the Mekong Delta as part of an international highway that will eventually link Vietnam with Cambodia and Thailand.

The planned route has the road running through the Vietnamese provinces of Ca Mau and Kien Giang. Construction is able to proceed thanks to international contributions, particularly as the US$440 million road will be built in cooperation with the governments of South Korea a Australia, as well as the Asian Development Bank which has its headquarters in Manila,

Once it is completed, the road will be part of a nearly 1,000-kilometre link which has been burdened with the glamorous title the `Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam Southern Coastal Road Economic Corridor’.  It will start at Bangkok and end at Ca Mau Province’s Nam Can District.

It is anticipated that the new road would create more opportunities for Kien Giang and Ca Mau to develop their economies and promote tourism, and, as the road will run through the three countries’ poorest provinces, it would provide greater access to basic social services for local people and encourage development of local economies, as well as provide more opportunities to boost tourism to the region.

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