Driving the Nullarbor – new on Amazon

Grumpy’s brand new book has just become available on Amazon for downloading onto Kindle.

It is the second in my Grumpy’s Getaway Guides series of travel guides and it is called Grumpy’s Getaway Guides: Driving the Nullarbor.

Crossing Australia’s Nullarbor Plain is one of the world’s great drives. To drive the Nullarbor from Ceduna in South Australia to Norseman in Western Australia is a distance of 1200 kilometres, and for much of it the road is long and straight, with very little traffic but some incredibly breathtaking scenery. The Nullarbor Plain is a enormous, sparse karst formation, the largest in the world.

Grumpy’s Getaway Guides: Driving the Nullarbor gives you all the information you need to know, and more, when planning and undertaking your trip.

Many Australians would like to complete the Nullarbor crossing but are wary about doing so. This book explains the practicalities associated with the trip and provides evidence that the trip isn’t really as difficult as most people think. The book also shows that the Nullarbor Plain is anything but Nullar-boring as many people think, and that a drive across the Nullarbor can actually enrich your life.

If you haven’t got a Kindle, get one, that way you can take the guide with you, and with the talking text function, you can even listen to it as you travel.

Grumpy’s Getaway Guides: Driving the Nullarbor cost just US$5.99 so represents excellent value for anyone thinking about or intending to do the trip.

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