Eating Out in Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Bintang is one of the best shopping, dining and entertainment areas in Kuala Lumpur, the biggest city in Malaysia.

There are about 3,000 shops in and around Bukit Bintang, which forms part of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, an area that is popular with both visitors and locals alike. Of course, those visitors who like to play it safe when they first arrive in a new city can stick to the official Bintang Walk, which is quiet central to the area, where a few of the main shopping malls are situated.

Even if you do confine yourself to central Bukit Bintang you will find plenty to do, lots and lots of shops, good restaurants, and you can keep yourself amused for hours. I tend to be a little more adventurous, and don’t mind wandering down a few side streets and alleys to find interesting places, and when I do visit KL, at some stage I will usually find myself heading to Jalan Alor to enjoy a good, cheap meal, where I can sit and enjoy the atmosphere of traditional Kuala Lumpur.

Jalan Alor is not far from Jalan Bukit Bintang (Jalan is the local name for street or road), in fact, it runs parallel to Jalan Bukit Bintang, located between Changkrat Bukit Bintang and Jalan Tong Shin.

If you visit Jalan Alor before 5pm, it looks like any other quiet street, except that it contains a lot of restaurants which will be closed. That’s because this place comes alive at night, when the street is narrowed as tables and chairs are erected, the restaurants light up, the smell of satay cooking fills the air with its sweet aroma, and the crowds turn up longing for a good, cheap meal.

Mostly, the patrons here are locals, and because it is a local attraction, prices are kept quite low and the food has to be good for the restaurants to survive. Jalan Alor is where you will get good, popular Chinese-style Malaysian food. Malaysia is a multicultural country where you can get excellent traditional Malaysian cuisine, Nonya cooking, which is Chinese-inspired Malaysian cuisine, Indian food and Malaysian-Chinese which is similar to Cantonese, but with more of an emphasis on noodles.

Seafood is popular here, as well as delicious soups, various noodle dishes including kway teow ( a wide, flat noodle) and mee, a yellow egg noodle, which are usually stir fried and served either wet or dry. Because there are many restaurants competing for business on Jalan Alor the food is fresh, cheap and delicious.

At night, and it operates until the early hours of the morning, Jalan Alor is colourful, crowded, noisy, busy and an absolutely fantastic place to experience to joy of visiting Kuala Lumpur.

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