Elephant Revives Tanzanian Spa

It sounds like it’s too good a story to be true, but it is true, the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania has a luxurious new spa thanks to an elephant named Mohammed which decided to destroy the earlier building in a fit of pique.

Now the luxurious new Senses to Africa Retreat is open, and it is guaranteed to be elephant proof.

The new Senses to Africa Spa is an enriching, natural ‘River Spa‘, romantically situated on the shores of the Great Ruaha River. Guests can experience the power of African nature while balancing their needs of body, soul and mind. Whether it be an invigorating ‘Selous Scrub’ or a relaxing ‘Monkey Head Massage’ guests will love the magic of having their treatments in this remarkable environment.

The Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest protected wildlife area that is uninhabited by humans. It contains Tanzania’s largest elephant herd and one third of all of world’s remaining African wild dogs.

These wild dogs survive in such large numbers because in Selous they have boundless woodlands and savannahs in which to roam.

So large is Selous that it is four times bigger than the better known Serengeti, and covers more than 5% of Tanzania’s total area.

The Senses to Africa Spa forms part of The Retreat, which is located in Northern Selous. The Retreat is a twelve-suite exquisite hideaway that offers complete seclusion in the heart of remote bush lands.

The Selous Game Reserve is widely accredited as being the most pristine wilderness and one of the “secrets of Africa”. Apart from the elephants and wild dogs lions, black rhinos, leopards, giraffes, hippos and crocodiles and more than 400 different birds can be seen among many other wildlife.

Guests at The Retreat are invited to share a rare intact ecosystem of Africa which is perfectly untouched and can be explored in many different ways.

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