Embraer Brazilian Planes

mbr110There is a saying that necessity is the mother of invention, and that tradition is certainly proved by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

As a major aircraft manufacturer, Embraer is probably not all that well known outside of aviation circles, but it is the world’s largest producer of commercial jets up to 120 seats and is certainly one of Brazil’s largest exporters.

Because of their size, and the fact that they tend to service regional airports, Embraer aircraft tend not to induce public interest in the same way that the major manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus do. Also, because most of us fly in the larger aircraft between major airports, fewer people have experience flying on Embraer planes than on the better known aircraft.

The reason for Embraer’s existence can be sheeted down to Brazil’s great size and the impenetrability of much of its interior. In the 1940s the Brazilian Government decided that as aviation was the most efficient way to traverse the country’s vast distances it should look at producing planes which suited its domestic environment. It took nearly 30 years to achieve, but in 1969 Embraer, or Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica, to give the company its proper name, finally began business.

The first plane off the Embraer assembly line was the Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante a 15-21 passenger turboprop which could be used for both civilian and military purposes. Bandeirante is the Portuguese word for “pioneer”, and it did take three years from conception to finally producing an aircraft which was considered to be airworthy.

The aircraft was a success due to the fact that it had low operational costs and was highly reliable. They continued to improve and expand the aircraft, such as pressurising the aircraft and increasing passenger loads to 30 seats. Altogether 494 of these aircraft were produced, and it was the development of other, more advanced aircraft, which saw production cease after 21 years of manufacture.

As well as producing military and agricultural aircraft, Embraer is also a major manufacturer of corporate planes. The executive jets Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Legacy 450, Legacy 500, Legacy 600, Legacy 650 and Lineage 1000 are positioned at the top of their categories, offering ample space and ultimate comfort, outstanding performance and a low operational cost.

Around 900 regional jets from the ERJ 145 family, which seat between 37 and 50 passengers have been delivered by Embraer and are currently flying on five continents and are operated by more than 30 airlines. Their latest aircraft are the 70-120 seat E-jets, four different models which tap the gap between the smaller regional aircraft and the larger mainline aircraft which should ensure that Brazil remains one of the world’s largest, but little known, aircraft manufacturing nations.

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