English pub looks better after a few drinks

Drive into the small town of Dudley in the West Midlands of England and you may think that your eyes are deceiving you.

Called the Black Country by the locals, you’ll come across a pub that is decidedly askew.  The Crooked House Pub has a lean on it that makes that famous tower in Pisa look perfectly upright.

The Crooked House Pub was built as a barn way back in 1765.  Engineering then wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now, and one whole side of the building subsided thanks to the amount of mining that was going on underground.  Locals call the place the Black Country because of the amount of air pollution caused during the Industrial Revolution from all the mills in the air which spewed out black smoke.

Seeing as animals normally don’t have one set of legs that is bigger than the other, the building was on no use as a barn, because the animals couldn’t remain level. So, they turned it into a pub, because being crooked is an asset when you’ve had a few.

And a pub it has remained ever since.

Next time you are passing through Dudley, drop on in; have a drink and chat to the locals, enjoy a good pub meal.  By the time you’ve had a few, you’ll never notice a thing.

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