Eurail Pass gets more popular

Hailed as a “golden ticket” by travellers across the globe, the Eurail Pass has been enabling safe and reliable train travel to Europe for over half a century.  And, as European rail transport becomes faster, the Eurail Pass is growing in popularity.

Eurail Group G.I.E., the organization dedicated to the marketing and management of the Eurail Passes, reports very positive year end sales results for 2010. Last year the number of Eurail Passengers grew by 11.9% compared to 2009, with a grand total of 427,000.

Sales for all Eurail Passes grew significantly during 2010, with the vast majority of Global sales regions performing very well. August was a record month, reflecting the global increase in travelers’ confidence with a high number of last minute bookings. Sales in the Pacific area increased by 27% compared to 2009, Asia by 20% and South America by a staggering 33%. Despite the effects of a still challenging economy in the United States and Canada, the sales remained at the same level as in 2009. Upcoming economic markets such as Brazil, India and China are increasingly responsible for the continued growth and popularity of Eurail Pass travel.

Designed to attract customers from all walks of life (students, backpackers, families, business travellers, and seniors), Eurail beckons to anyone with a spirit of adventure.

Rail travel remains one of the most convenient, affordable, and sustainable ways to see Europe, often taking passengers door to door more quickly and with less hassle than flying. By eliminating the need to trek to out-of-town airports and stand in long lines hours before departure, travellers save money and are free to take in the spectacular sights, sounds, and tastes of Europe at their own pace.

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