Explorers revered in Monaco

A visit by H.S.H. Prince Prince Albert II of Monaco marked the recent opening of this new establishment on the Port of Monaco. It is a gastro pub devoted to explorers, pioneers and adventurers, in the spirit of the Principality and its Princes.

Called the Explorers Pub, it is described as being a gastro pub and piano bar, which features exhibitions about various explorers and explorations, and a place to purchase various coffee products.

The exhibition features a series of photographs and objects on loan from the private collections of the Palace and the Oceanographic Museum, among others, tells a hitherto untold story, from pioneers in aviation to pioneers in ecology and from Albert I to Albert II. There is also a library for those who wish to broaden their historical or geographical knowledge and techniques or simply plan a future expedition.

The bar is decorated with a collection of giant insects. Alcoholic drinks imported from many different regions of the world and specially selected cocktails, such as “Antarctica,” “Spitzberg” or “Shanghai-Paris,” are evocative of adventure.

Michelin-starred chef Patrick Raingeard (with one star at the Mandarine, Hôtel Port Palace) has designed a menu that explores culinary traditions from elsewhere, sometimes influenced by a particular spice, sometimes a vegetable, sometimes a cooking method. It’s not so much fusion cooking, more an inspired, inventive cuisine, orchestrated by the resident chef Laurent Godano.

The gastro pub is a new concept in the Principality, combining the friendliness of a pub with the chance to discover a creative, gourmet menu.

For those in need of a stiff drink the pub features a wide choice of rare rums, whiskeys, beers and wines from every continent. A total of 150 different types are available from all over the world.

Following the successful rebirth of beer making in the Principality, over 300,000 litres of organic beer have been brewed in two-and-a-half years, the Port of Monaco is now also the place for a new “Made in Monaco” activity, with an artisanal coffee roasting unit within the Explorers Pub.

Lattes, cappuccinos, Viennese coffee – the whole range of coffee-based products is prepared on site using freshly roasted green coffee – a response to widely expressed requests in the Principality.

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