Fairy Lights from a Brisbane River Ferry

I’m impressed with Brisbane, I truly am.

I found it to be an attractive high rise metropolis which seems to use its river very well.

Brisbane is the capital of the Australian state of Queensland, and until recent years it had a reputation for being nothing more than a large country town. It was certainly an unsophisticated place when I first visited over 40 years ago, but since then it has been invigorated and undergone immense change in order to change it into the lovely city that it is today.

The Brisbane River, upon which the city is built, is a wide, winding river of water, than is now being fully utilised with a River Cat ferry service. I recently used the ferry to get me from Tenerife, which is east of the city, to North Quay, near the city centre.

I caught the ferry just after 6pm, and it was quite dark. As it was a pleasan evening I opted to sit outside in the front of the ferry so that I could get my bearings and also to enjoy the view.

Brisbane people must be very courteous because they politely queue up in a line to embark for their trip. This is much more orderly than in Sydney, which also has an excellent ferry system, but where people push and shove to fight their way on and off the ferries.

The river cat seems to move at a rapid pace as it cuts through the water, but the river does twist somewhat, so the trip, although fast, does take some time. It was a cear night when I did the trip, and the cat zigzagged across the river in order to reach the next wharf.

The most impressive aspect of the trip were the sensational views. As each time the ferry turned, a new view, or a new perspective of the view was had. There was one stage where the brightly-lit Storey Bridge dominated the river with the city immediately behind it, and it was utterly superb.

As we continued towards the bridge, varying our angle as we got nearer, the city’s panorama began to extend far to the left, many buildings glittering in front of a dark sky, which did resemble fairy lights extending into the distance.

Such is the shape of the river, that it turns and leaves the CBD. You do pass by it, but then you aim for a less built up part of the city, and when you round the next corner, the city reveals itself again, with the terrific Southbank development opening up on your left, a vision that is dominated by a large ferris wheel that is lit up.

To the right the city appears again, along a peninsular, and I soon alighted to further explore the city.

I had attended a function earlier in the afternoon and caught a taxi to the site of the function which was about 4kms away from where I was staying , and the taxi took about 15 minutes to get me there through thick traffic.

The return ferry trip took about 40 minutes, but the rime difference didn’t matter as it was a much more pleasurable and enjoyable trip and one that is certainly worth doing if ever you visit Brisbane.

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