Fast Track it to Kuala Lumpur

KLIATransferI’ve been to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia many times using full service airlines, such as Malayasian Airlines, and the budget carrier Air Asia X.

Both are good airlines which cater well for their respective markets. It is when you arrive at Kuala Lumpur that you really notice the difference.

Malaysian Airlines uses the contemporary and excellent KLIA, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which has a plethora of services with the added advantage of a direct high speed rail into KL itself.

KLIA is about 70 kilometres from the city, and the train completes the journey in just 28 minutes.

Air Asia X, on the other hand uses the functional, but otherwise no frills, LCCT, or Low Cost Carrier Terminal, which is on the far side of the airport from the main terminal, so is about 10 kilometres further from the city, and has no direct rail link.

There are regular coach services into the city, which cost from just 9 Ringgit, and the service takes over an hour, depending on traffic. It is a good service, just lengthy.

There is now a new service called KLIA Transit which combines coach transfer from, and to, LCCT to Salak Tinggi station, which is close to the airport. Here you board a high speed rail service into or from the city.

Unlike the KLIA Express, which is non-stop, the service from LCCT has three stops, but it it is still a very fast journey which doesn’t suffer the impediment of KL’s unpredictable and chaotic traffic.

At a cost of just 12.50 Ringgit is is a real bargain. Services begin at KL Sentral, the main rail terminal, at 04:33 with the last train departing at 00:33. First service from LCCT is at 07:20, and last trip at 00:30. The service runs ever 20-30 minutes, depending on the time of day.

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