Flying Cars Are They The Transport Of The Future?

Two different flying cars have recently made their flying debuts and, if they prove successful, will they be the preferred transport of the future?

These two cars, the American-designed Terrafugia, and the Dutch PAL-V are entirely different concepts and price, at this stage of their development, would be prohibitive for the average family. However, when automobiles were first introduced in the 19th century they too were out of the financial reach of ordinary citizens so if flying cars do catch on, they would, in time, become more affordable.

The Terrafugia is more like a plane that can be driven, and is designed primarily for pilots who can land during bad weather, fold up the wings and hit the road. The Terrafugia ideally needs an airport runway on which to take off and land, but it does carry two passengers and, according to the maker’s website, golf clubs.

PAL-V is an entirely different concept, as it is designed to land and take off on an ordinary roadway. It is not a winged aircraft like the Terrafugia, but more of a gyroplane. It is described as a two seat hybrid car and gyroplane. On the ground this slim, aerodynamic, 3-wheeled vehicle has the comfort of a car with the agility of a motorcycle thanks to its patented, cutting-edge, ‘tilting’ system. It can be driven to the nearest airfield and take off just like any other airplane when you wish to fly within controlled airspace. The single rotor and propeller are unfolded to make the PAL-V ONE ready to fly.

Both vehicles are similar in that they can be set for either flight or motoring quite easily.

Of the two craft the PAL-V, to my mind, looks sleeker and the more attractive model; but the Terrafugia does look more like a family car, and we do change our cars to better suit our status in life.

I wish both companies luck in their endeavours as choice and healthy competition are two factors that will help make flying cars to become popular.

Of course, when trying to foretell the future of flying personal cars there will be necessary limitations on where you can and can’t fly and the speeds, altitudes and directions which you must maintain. One major downside to the masses taking to the air is that you will always get impatient or bad pilots/drivers who will endanger the lives of others with their erratic flying/driving and if you have even a slight bingle at 4,000 feet the consequences are more likely to be disastarous.

Both motoring and aviation are becoming much safer, so perhaps the time is right for us to help put a halt to traffic congestion by allowing ordinary citizens to take to the air and free up our roads.

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