Fremantle’s other markets

For locals and visitors to Fremantle, Western Australia, a visit to the famous Fremantle Markets is a must. Established in 1897, the markets are known for the quality of the locally-grown fruit and vegetables, the various handcraft and gourmet food stalls, the bric a brac, and the colourful atmosphere.

The one problem with the Fremantle Markets is they are only open on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and also public holiday Mondays. So, unless you are able to get down to the markets over a weekend, you are unlikely to experience the market’s undoubted charm.

Fremantle is one of those places that you should explore when you visit Perth. Many people think of Freo and Perth being two distinct cities, but whilst Fremantle does have city status, it is very much a part of suburban Perth, albeit, a suburb that has charm, liveliness and history in spades.

Another market that is open at Freo on a Friday to Sunday is the E Shed markets are located right on the Fremantle docks at Victoria Quay, one of Fremantle’s main wharves, and are an easy walk from the centre of Fremantle. A former warehouse, the E Shed has, for some years, been converted into a commercial market centre that is chock full of small retailers selling everything from food and drinks to artworks, craftworks, jewellery, souvenirs, health and beauty products and music.

There is another great little market which operates right in the centre of Fremantle in Kings Square, right next to Fremantle Town Hall.

This is a small, but very interesting, market which is made up of small, temporary stalls that are set up underneath the huge Moreton Bay Figs, which keep the square shady.

I found there to be all sorts of interesting goods on offer, including things such as brightly-coloured Kenyan sarongs, which double as towels and even have a built in pocket which keeps your valuables safe. Other goods on sale include hand-made jewellery, hats, artworks, hand-made cigar-box guitars and other unusual musical instruments, and some interesting food, including Salvadoran food, which is something of a rarity in Perth.

These markets do not attract the same crowds as attend Fremantle Markets and E Shed markets, but they do operate during the week, and the stall holders are all friendly. The markets are far more casual than Freo’s other markets, and that is really part of their charm, and a great reason for ensuring that you visit them as well as Freo’s other, better known, markets.

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